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A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

The Stranglers - Discography and Biog

Ther Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus
The Band
Guitar Vocals - Hugh Cornwell
Bass - J J Burnel
Keyboards - Dave Greenfield
Drum - Jet Black

One of the longest-surviving acts from the British new wave explosion of the late 70s, the Stranglers first rehearsed in Guildford as early as 1974. Two years later, the full line-up emerged, comprising Hugh Cornwell (b. 28 August 1949, London, England; vocals, guitar), Jean Jacques Burnel (b. 21 February 1952, London, England; vocals, bass), Jet Black (b. Brian Duffy, 26 August 1943; drums) and Dave Greenfield (keyboards). Following a tour supporting Patti Smith during 1976 and some favourable press reports (the first to bring comparisons to the Doors), the band were signed by United Artists Records. Courting controversy from the outset, they caused a sensation and saw their date at London's Roundhouse cut short when Cornwell wore an allegedly obscene T-shirt. In February 1977 the Stranglers' debut single, "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)", reached number 44 in the UK charts and inexplicably dropped out after only one week. According to the chart compilers, the sales were inadvertently assigned to another record, but it was too late to rectify the damage. "Grip" saw them at their early best; bathed in swirling organ and backed by a throbbing beat, the single displayed Cornwell's gruff vocal to strong effect. The b-side, "London Lady", was taken at a faster pace and revealed the first signs of an overbearing misogynism that would later see them fall foul of critics.

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1977 Rattus Norvegicus
1977 No More Heroes
1978 Black and White
1978 Live X-Cert
1979 The Raven
1980 IV (USA-Release)
1981 The Gospel According to the Meninblack
1981 La Folie
1982 The Collection 1977-82
1982 Feline
1984 Aural Sculpture
1986 Dreamtime
1986 Off the Beaten Track
1988 All Live and All of the Night
1988 Rarities
1989 Singles (The UA Years)
1990 10
1990 Greatest Hits 1977-1990
1993 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Live at Alexandra Palace 1990, the last gig)

1977 Grip
1977 Peaches/Go Buddy Go
1977 Something Better Change/ Straighten Out
1977 No More Heroes
1978 5 Minutes
1978 Nize 'N' Sleazy
1978 Walk on By
1978 Sverige (Jag är insnöad på östfronten)
1979 Duchess
1979 Nuclear Device
1979 Don't Bring Harry
1980 Bear Cage
1980 Who Wants the World
1981 Thrown Away
1981 Just Like Nothing on Earth
1981 Let Me Introduce You to the Family
1981 Golden Brown
1982 La Folie
1982 Strange Little Girl
1982 European Female
1983 Midnight Summer Dream
1983 Paradise
1984 Skin Deep
1984 No Mercy
1985 Let Me Down Easy
1986 Nice in Nice
1986 Always the Sun
1987 Big in America
1987 Shakin' Like a Leaf
1987 All Day and All of the Night
1989 Grip '89
1989 Nighttracks Session
1990 96 Years
1990 Sweet Smell of Success
1990 Always the Sun

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