Scam 69 A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

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A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

Squeeze - Discography and Biog

Squeeze - Cool for Cats

Squeeze were Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, two songwriting friends who met over twenty years ago after Difford placed an ad in a Deptford sweet shop window. With a variety of musicians over the years they have released many singles and albums, with varying degrees of success, and proved themselves to be one of the hardest working live acts in the world.


Squeeze Mar 78
Cool For Cats Mar 79
Argybargy Feb 80
East Side Story May 81
Sweets From A Stranger May 82
Singles - 45's And Under Nov 82
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti Aug 85
Babylon And On Sep 87
Frank Sep 89
A Round And A Bout Mar 90
Play Aug 91
Greatest Hits Apr 92
Some Fantastic Place Sep 93
241 Series 93
Ridiculous Nov 95
Excess Moderation Nov 96
Six Of One... Oct 97
Domino Nov 98
Special 2 CD Set 99
Up The Junction Aug 00
Big Squeeze: The Very
Best Of Squeeze Jun 02

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