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A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

The Knack - Discography and Biog

The Knack - Get the Knack
The Band
Doug Fieger, vocals/guitar
Berton Averre, lead guitar
Prescott Niles, bass
Bruce Gary, drums

Forming in Los Angeles in the late '70s, the Knack (Doug Fieger, vocals/guitar; Berton Averre, lead guitar; Prescott Niles, bass; and Bruce Gary, drums) were neither punk nor rock, but pure simple pop, standing out amongst the musical dross that littered the Sunset Strip. Signing with Capitol after a feeding frenzy of label offers, the Knack released their debut, Get the Knack, in 1979. With its leadoff single "My Sharona," the Knack climbed both the album and singles charts (eventually selling millions of copies around the globe), gained wide commercial acceptance, and regenerated the power-pop scene that had laid dormant for half a decade.

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1979 Get the Knack Alliance
1979 ...But the Little Girls Understand Razor & Tie
1981 Round Trip Capitol
1991 Serious Fun Charisma
1998 Zoom Rhino
2001 Normal as the Next Guy Image
2002 Live From the Rock 'N' Roll Funhouse Zen
2002 Serious Fun [Bonus Tracks] Virgin
2002 ...But the Little Girls Understand [Bonus... Capitol
2002 Get The Knack [Bonus Tracks] Beat Goes On
2002 Round Trip [Bonus Tracks] Capitol
2003 Re-Zoom

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