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A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

Blondie - Discography and Biog

Blondie - Denis
The Band
Debbie Harry - lead vocal
Chris Stein - guitar
Frank Infante - guitar
Jimmy Destri - keyboards
Nigel Harrison - bass
Clem Burke - drums

Blondie was the greatest pop band of the New Wave Punk era. They were pop because you can't really say they were new wave or punk, or funk, or disco, or art for that matter. They did everything that interested them -- including the first rock/reggae and rock/disco. To some they were new wave with their ironic words, cool haircuts and Debbie in day glo Steven Sprouse fashions. To some they were punks -- mocking rock dinosaurs and Debbie the cover girl on Punk Magazine. Whatever they did, it all came out sounding great and Blondie remains one of the biggest hitmaking bands of our time.


Blondie 1977
Plastic Letters 1977
Parallel Lines 1978
Eat To The Beat 1979
Autoamerican 1980
The Hunter 1982
Beautiful/The Remix Album 1995
Atomic 1999
Atomic/Atomix 1999
No Exit 1999
Live 2000

X-Offender 1976
Rip Her To Shreads 1976
(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear 1977
Denis 1978
One Way Or Another 1978
I'm Gonna Love You Too 1978
Fade Away And Radiate 1978
Picture This 1978
Hanging On The Telephone 1978
Heart Of Glass 1979
Sunday Girl 1979
Dreaming 1979
Union City Blue 1979
Atomic 1980
Call Me 1980
The Tide Is High 1980
Rapture 1980
War Child 1982
Island Of Lost Souls 1982
Atomic'98 1998
Maria 1999
Nothing Is Real But The Girl 1999

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