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A Tribute to the Punk & New Wave Music of 1977-1982

The Undertones - Discography and Biog

The Undertones - Cher O Bowlies

The best band ever to come from Northern Ireland, the Undertones took youthful adoration for glam-rock and gave it the stripped-down simplicity and energy of punk to create truly wonderful albums of pop/rock (and, toward the end, soul) with a difference. The band’s body of work reveals rapid creative growth; each album clearly shows a different stage in its development. The group's 1983 demise, as unavoidable as it was disappointing, resulted from a lack of sustained commercial success and the inability to shake the public's first impression of them as an Irish Ramones.

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Teenage Kicks EP7 (UK Good Vibrations) 1978
The Undertones (Sire) 1979 (Rykodisc) 1994
Hypnotised (Sire) 1980 (Rykodisc) 1994
Positive Touch (Harvest) 1981 (Rykodisc) 1994
The Love Parade EP (UK Ardeck) 1982
The Sin of Pride (UK Ardeck) 1983 (Rykodisc) 1994
All Wrapped Up (Ardeck/Capitol) 1983
Cher 'o Bowlies (UK EMI) 1986
The Peel Sessions EP (UK Strange Fruit) 1986
The Peel Sessions Album (UK Strange Fruit) 1989
The Very Best of the Undertones (Rykodisc) 1994

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